This online educational institute has been created for the love of education. It will try to offer free education as much as it can afford. The idea started as a hobby and has become a passion to motivate and encourage young people to build up careers. Currently, I am working in IT but have worked as a Radiographer nearly whole my life. Years ago, I was heavily involved in training and teaching and loved it. I guess youtube has provided me with another opportunity to share whatever I can to help people around the world.

I have created a number of videos on a few subjects. The topics include Maths, Web designing, SQL, Oracle database management, Histology, Biochemistry, Anatomy and Radiology. Basically everything, I thought I could share my knowledge about.

Since, I am a Radiographer, medical videos should not be used to make a diagnosis or any medical decision otherwise. These videos have been created with an intention to help fellow Radiographers, Nurses, students and Allied Health Professionals to understand what they deal with on daily basis. Although, the videos should also be useful for general public to provide basic level of knowledge, qualified doctors should be contacted for any and all medical conditions. (Â)



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